Sunday, July 8, 2012

Back in the USA

Our Team is Safely Home

Our team arrived safely at Dulles Airport this morning.  The two weeks we invested in Uganda was amazing! 

Saying farewell to the children at HUMBLE is hard every time we visit, and this time was no exception. On Friday afternoon -- our last day at the school -- we were treated to a celebration program presented by the children. We will always remember their songs, dances, smiles and tears. 

As they say at HUMBLE, "God is good.  It is His nature… Wow!"

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

E-readers in Use at HUMBLE

One of the great things we've been able to see on this trip is that the e-readers that were delivered in February are being put to good use by the students at HUMBLE School.  

The e-readers rotate among the classes each month.  During their class' month, each student is issued an e-reader that they have full use of during that time.

We have seen the e-readers in use in classes and at student assemblies, and many of the students have shared with us how much they enjoy using the devices for reading, learning new words in the dictionary and, yes, playing games.

One student remarked, "I did not really like to read until we received the e-readers.  Now I love to read!"

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Notes from HUMBLE - Tuesday, July 3

Our team spent the day at HUMBLE hanging out with the children at their breaks and after class, tying rebar for the construction of the boy's dormitory, mending uniforms, playing basketball on the newly-mounted goal, and learning more about each other as we shared in conversation.

This afternoon our team attended the weekly Fellowship time that is led in large part by the older students.  The energy of their singing and dancing is inspiring and contagious! Members of our team were invited to share in leading songs and prayers as well.

We're looking forward to being back at HUMBLE tomorrow morning!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday Notes from HUMBLE

On Sunday our team visited the Jinja District and worshipped with the congregation at Wanyange Central UMC. After worship we spent some time in Jinja town and visited the Source of the Nile before returning to Mukono.

Today (Monday) was invested at HUMBLE School.  Our team worked on various projects including preparing rebar to be used in the construction of the new boys dormitory, mending school uniforms, and repairing bicycles used by the students.

Construction continues at HUMBLE with the new girls dormitory now under roof.

Concrete was being poured today for the foundation for the new boys dormitory.

Of course, more important than the buildings that are being constructed are the relationships that continue to be built with the children of HUMBLE School during our time here.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Saturday at HUMBLE

This morning we were at HUMBLE School working alongside the children on various projects  including sewing and mending uniforms, repairing the swing set, getting a basketball goal ready to mount, and performing maintenance and repairs on bicycles.

Although our activities with the children on the grounds were shortened due to rain, it was another great day at HUMBLE. 

Our team will travel to Jinja tomorrow and will be back at HUMBLE on Monday.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Pen Pals and More HUMBLE Alumni

This morning at HUMBLE we distributed the Soul 2 Sole letters from pen pals to the students. The smiles on their faces as their names were called and they received their letters were extraordinary. The children were invited to write a letter that we will deliver to their American pen pals when we return. A huge thanks to everyone who writes to these means so very much to them.

This afternoon members of the team visited Mt. St. Henry's High School, located next to HUMBLE.  A number of former HUMBLE students are now furthering their education there, and we had the opportunity to share time with them today.  Just as with our visit with the HUMBLE alumni at Namogongo yesterday, it was a real blessing to see how hard these young men and women at MSHHS are working to further their educations. When you listen to them speak and hear their stories it is clear that they will be leaders for positive change in their communities in the years ahead.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Catching Up With Some HUMBLE Alumni

On Thursday the team travelled to Naayla to visit three former HUMBLE students who are now enrolled in a secondary school there.

We then drove to Namugongo to the secondary vocational school where 29 former HUMBLE students are now enrolled.  The students led us on a tour of the campus and then we gathered in one of the classrooms for an awesome time of sharing with one another.  It is great to see how God is working in and through the lives of these young men and women.

That's it for now.... we'll be back at HUMBLE School tomorrow!