Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wednesday at HUMBLE

Our team spent the morning on Wednesday visiting with the children and helping with the early stages of the construction process for the new boys dormitory.  Our work task today was "tossing bricks"... moving bricks from a big pile to other locations around the perimeter of the building site to stage them for use in construction. We form a line from the pile to the destination and toss the bricks from person to person to  transfer them. The local workers who are continuing to dig the footings seem entertained by our efforts!

The children completed their mid-term examinations yesterday and were given time to relax some today. That meant we had more time to share with them than we would on a normal school day. The children are so amazing. We want to learn about them, but they are equally interested to learn about us, our families and lives in America.

The weather was beautiful today, and we were blessed to be able to share another day with our friends at HUMBLE!

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