Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday Notes from HUMBLE

On Sunday our team visited the Jinja District and worshipped with the congregation at Wanyange Central UMC. After worship we spent some time in Jinja town and visited the Source of the Nile before returning to Mukono.

Today (Monday) was invested at HUMBLE School.  Our team worked on various projects including preparing rebar to be used in the construction of the new boys dormitory, mending school uniforms, and repairing bicycles used by the students.

Construction continues at HUMBLE with the new girls dormitory now under roof.

Concrete was being poured today for the foundation for the new boys dormitory.

Of course, more important than the buildings that are being constructed are the relationships that continue to be built with the children of HUMBLE School during our time here.

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  1. Jim, It is amazing to see what can get accomplished when everyone works together! I am amazed to see the progress of the girls' dormitory. I believe your photos tell the real story. Your photos tell the story of relationships and from all your updates during this mission trip, relationships seem to be the real goal.

    Thanks for taking the time to share everyone's story during your adventures in Africa.