Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Children of HUMBLE School on a Mission

The Hope for Africa Children's Choir

HUMBLE School Uganda Africa

The "Hope for Africa Children's Choir" from HUMBLE School in Uganda Africa are on tour in the United States. They are on a mission to help raise awareness to Humble School and the impact of AIDS in Africa. They deliver a message of hope in their high energy performances filled with dance and songs of joy.

Crossroads United Methodist Church in Ashburn, Virginia has the pleasure of hosting the Hope for Africa Children's Choir from HUMBLE School this fall! This year a group of 11 students will perform concerts at several locations in New York, Virginia and in Washington D.C. to bring awareness to HUMBLE School. They have even been invited by UNAIDS to present at an event on Capitol Hill to raise awareness on the continued HIV/AIDS crisis in Africa. They will also be performing at a World AIDS Day event on December 1st before they will return home to HUMBLE United Methodist School in Uganda Africa.

There are several events scheduled in multiple areas to help support the children of HUMBLE School. Discover how you can show your support by contacting the friendly people at Crossroads UMC:

Phone: (703) 729-5100

HUMBLE School Students at Crossroads UMC

The "Hope for Africa Children's Choir" (children of HUMBLE School) share stories about their journey with families at Crossroads UMC Ashburn, Virginia.

HUMBLE School Mission Trip Overview

Volunteers from the Washington DC area and around the world have joined the Crossroads Uganda Mission team over the years to support the needs of the students, teachers, and staff at HUMBLE School in Uganda Africa. Information about the school and mission trips is available at "About Humble School and it's Students". This year's mission team strengthened relationships and worked with others on a new girl's dormitory. An overview of the mission trip is available in this video.

First Performance of Hope for Africa Children's Choir

The children of HUMBLE School had a few hours to rest after their long flight from Uganda Africa, but jumped right into their mission and gave a heartfelt performance at a local church in Virginia. The compassion and energy of these children can be witnessed in this video.

Find out where you can attend one of their free performances and information about other events supporting these children at Crossroads UMC.

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