Saturday, June 25, 2011

About Humble School Mukono Uganda Africa

Humble School Uganda Africa

About Humble School and it's Students

Humble School is located in Lukojjo village, Mpoma parish, Nama sub-county, in Mukono District in Uganda, 6Km along Mukono-Kayunga Road.

The school opened it's doors in February 2004 as a Day and Boarding Primary School, with an initial enrollment of 116 pupils and 9 teaching staff. In 2007 the first class of Primary grade 7, 16 in number, sat for the Primary Leaving Examinations. The results were exceptional as all the 7 boys and 9 girls passed in Division 1 (One) which allowed them to proceed to the secondary level.

In 2007 the school was inaugurated by Bishop Mike B. Watson, as a ministry of the United Methodist Church to the needy and vulnerable children in East Africa. The school goal is to offer quality education, medical care, spiritual care, food, clothing and shelter to orphaned and vulnerable children. You can learn more at the official web site for Humble School.

I included a few pictures taken at the school during my mission trip there last year. Several more photos are available from this Yahoo Flickr web album of Humble School.


  1. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful, enriching project.

  2. Thank you!

    Some of these pictures were taken by the children at Humble School. The kids loved taking pictures of each other in funny poses. These kids are very loving and kind. I was amazed at how they barley think about themselves and focus on the needs of others. (Taught me a lot!)

    There are about 270 students at Humble School and most of them are orphans. Many of the students board at the school. The mission team is there now to help build a safe comfortable place for the girls to sleep.

    The girl in the picture filling up the water jug is a member of the "Hope for Africa Choir, her name is Sharifa. She is very talented and will hopefully travel with the choir to the United States soon.

    We will be adding new photos, stories, and videos about Humble School as they become available.


  3. Hi,

    I would like to get in contact with the HumbleSchool in Mukono. Can you help me with any e-mail adresses and telephone numbers?

    Best wishes,

    Tanja Larsen