Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sharing Smiles Across the Miles with Video Chat

Talk face-to-face with live video for Free

Skype Video Calling is a Great Way to Stay Connected

People traveling around the world can find it difficult to stay in touch with family and friends. Mobile phones don't always work everywhere. The few mobile phone that do work in foreign lands usually change a significant extra fee for the service. Paying this premium fee usually does not include video calls. A video call is a fantastic experience compared to an audio call. Why not have a video call, especially when its free?

Our Mission Team from the Washington, DC Metro area and other parts of the United States arrived in Uganda Africa and it was good to see their smiling faces during our video call. We did not talk long, because the team had been traveling for about 24 hours and it was 2:00am in Africa. A few pieces of luggage did not yet make it to their destination from their multiple flights. The missing bags are expected to arrive the next day. The team is looking forward to seeing the children at Humble School.

Video calling is free between Skpe users and is incredibly easy to use. You can download this video calling tool from Skype's web site. The video below demonstrates how easy it is to keep in touch with people across the miles.


  1. Skype is wonderful, making the world more connected, much like this and many other blogs! Reading you here in Miami. I've been reading much online about technology in the nation of Africa, especially about mobile phone apps increasing agro-productivity.

  2. Annie, Yes Skype is wonderful! It is amazing to have the ability to video chat with anyone any place in the world at anytime. This magical experience is amplified when this type of communication takes place in a room full of people. Last Sunday all the people attending church service in Asburn, Virginia was able to video chat with the mission team in Africa.

    It is a common practice for people in Africa to use their mobile phone for everyday business transactions. While in Africa last year, we hired local people to help us work on the things at Humble School. They accepted their daily pay as credits on their mobile phones. They can convert these credits to cash at mobile phone stations. In Africa, an agreement accepted by mobile phone text message, is as good as a signed contract in the United States.

    Business practices and the concept of banking is very different in Africa. I hope we see some of these ideas practiced more in the United States soon.

    The World Wide Web Foundation is very involved with improving lives of people in Africa and around the world. They envision a world where all people are empowered by the Web. Everyone - regardless of language, ability, location, gender, age or income - will be able to communicate and collaborate, create valued content, and access the information that they need to improve their lives and communities. They are working with people in Africa on building mobile apps. You can learn more about them here.