Thursday, June 30, 2011

Video Update about the Children of Humble School Uganda Afrida


  1. Dan,

    I don't have access to the video. Is there a Facebook page I have to join first?

    Thanks, Doug

  2. Doug,
    Thanks for the comment! I appreciate your support of this blog about the 2011 Crossroads UMC Mission Team trip to Africa supporting the children of Humble School in Uganda.

    We are experimenting with embedding videos from Facebook into this blog. We are also looking into embedding photos and photo albums from Facebook. The main goal is to connect information across multiple social networks like Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, & WordPress to support the Social Graph of Social Good.

    I am working with the owner of this media on privacy settings for this video that should make it playable without the current facebook requirements. This page with the embedded facebook video will be removed, if she cannot find the necessary privacy setting that matches her level of comfort.