Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mission Team Leaves for Africa from Dulles Airport Washington, DC

Another Team Doing Good Takes Flight
Humble School Mission Team on Their Way
About 10 years ago people from around the world joined others in the Washington DC Metro area to support education for children in Africa. A diverse team consisting of moms, dads, sisters, brothers, grandparents, teachers, nurses, programmers, students, and members of Crossroads Community Church in Ashburn, Virgina traveled to Africa to visit the children of Humble School.

Today, over 10 years and dozens of mission trips to Humble School later, another team of amazing individuals departed from Dulles Airport Washington DC on a flight to Africa. This team will work with other teams in Africa to support students, teachers, and staff at Humble School in Uganda Africa. This team of people from Virginia, New York, Hawaii, and other place around the world have joined together to share their skills and knowledge and are looking forward to what they will learn from this exciting experience.

Cody, Jennifer, and Marie arriving at Dulles Airport Washington DC

Dave Norman (Crossroads United Methodist Church, Ashburn, Virginia) with Mission Team

Cody and Drew talking about all the sports equipment the children will now have, thanks to the generous donations from people in the Washington DC Metro Area.

There are many other team members in these pictures, but I do not have written permission to use their names on the web. I hope they will share a little bit about themselves in the comments here and I invite their family and friends to share their stories here too.

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