Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Happy Reunion at Humble School in Africa

The Mission Team Arrives in Africa

Reuniting with the Children of Humble School

We touched down safely in Africa late Sunday night. Eight of our bags didn't make it so we were at the hotel for quite a while trying to sort that out. we finally got to our first hotel around 2 Monday morning. On Monday, we were picked up in the morning, and we headed to the airport to pick up our bags. once we got there, we discovered they sent 6 to the hotel, so after a lot of red tape, we collected the two bags they did have, and went back to the hotel to get the rest.

It was now after 1:00pm, so we went to Kampala to exchange money and have lunch. We made our way across town to the hotel around 7:00pm that night.

Today we went over the Humble School around 10:00am. We got to spend just a little time with the kids in the morning.

We met up with Dave Bennett, he has been here for about a week. The project was well under way, so we spent some time clearing brush and debris from around the footings of the foundation. We went back to the hotel for lunch, and then back to the school. We spent a little time reviewing the plans for the project. The kids were finishing up their school day, so we had an opportunity to spend more time with them. Many of the children remembered me from last year and I remembered them. They asked about you and wanted to know where you are. I spent most of my time with Joshua, David's little brother. David has graduated and is now attending Secondary School. Cody seemed to enjoy working with the mission team. During the afternoon he played volleyball, soccer, and frisbee with the children. He then played guitar for the kids for a while. They loved that! They are also fascinated with all the red, orange, pink, and purple colors in his hair. We will have new photos available soon.


Washington DC to Uganda Africa

Here is a quick map represents the Mission Team's journey from the Washington DC area to Uganda Africa.

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