Sunday, July 10, 2011

Children of Humble School & Volunteers Share Gifts of Connection

Children in Africa Share Gifts with Volunteers from U.S.

Celebrating Presence at Humble School Uganda Africa

The volunteers of the Humble School Mission Team (Crossroads UMC) returned to Humble School to find workers mixing and pouring cement to strengthen the foundation of the dormitory for the girls of Humble School.  The workers and other volunteers were doing such a great job with the cement, the Mission Team was able to spend more time with the children.

Some of the mission team volunteers had the privilege of spending time with students and teachers in the Humble School classrooms. Other volunteers & students spent time learning more about each other between classes.  The volunteers and teachers of the kindergarten class had fun teaching the kids how to sing, "You are my Sunshine".  "It was a true gift to hear these beautiful children sing songs with such angelic voices".

The volunteers and children gathered for a celebration after the school day was over.  The volunteers and teachers handed out scarves that Geraldine's group (back in the States) made for each child here at Humble School.  The kids were very excited to get one of these colorful hand-made scarves. The mission team then gave each child one of the crosses that were hand-made by volunteers in Ashburn, Virginia USA.  The children were so happy to have something that was made just for them.  The children shared a few more stories before we attended fellowship time together.

Students of Humble UM School Uganda Africa

Volunteers Making Gifts for Children at Humble School Africa

The scarves people made for the kids at Humble School are beautiful.  Volunteers all around the Northern Virginia area donate their skills making these scarves every day.  The scarves are also sold in the United States and all the proceeds are donated to Humble School.

Volunteers created the crosses from planks of wood from trees that are native to North America.  I learned new things about myself, my family, and my friends while volunteering with others on creating these crosses for the children in Africa.  Its pretty amazing what can happen when you take a break from the normal routine and share a few simple stories.

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