Sunday, July 3, 2011

Volunteers Strengthen Foundations at Humble School Africa

Rock Solid Foundations

New Friendships and Relationships

The volunteers of Crossroads UMC Mission Team woke up to another beautiful day in Mukono Uganda Africa. Some were moving more slowly than others, but luckily someone remembered to bring Starbucks VIA (instant coffee). After much needed coffee and a little breakfast they got on the road to Humble United Methodist School. It was now about 9:00am (around midnight for those living on the East Coast in the United States of America). The team's energy was high and everyone was sharing stories about all the exciting things they have experienced over the last couple days. The majority of the conversation was about new friendships. The team also talked about things they have learned about themselves. We are making many new friends and creating deeper relationships with existing friends during this mission trip. The children at Humble School have also been teaching us a few new things about compassion and faith. We will spend some time with the children before starting our task of adding rocks to the foundation area for the new girls dormitory.

The students went back to class and we started moving rocks, big rocks into the foundation area and into the footings. This is the initial step before adding the layers of cement. There were soooo many rocks!

In the late afternoon, we had a presentation with the kids. We passed out all of the balls and sports equipment people around the United States donated to the children. They had a busy day packed with school work and were very happy to have some new things they can play with together.

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