Sunday, July 3, 2011

Contuning Education and Students of Humble School Africa

Education is a Foundation for the Future

Visiting Humble Students at Secondary School

The volunteers of the Crossroads UMC Mission Team return to Humble United Methodist School in Mukono Uganda Africa. The volunteers and students shared a few quick stories and learned a little more about each other. The team got busy moving sand from piles to the sections of the foundation. They worked with others to spread the sand so it filled in around the stones created from the rocks they broke into the foundation the other day.

They rolled out wire mesh to go on top of the sand and rocks, and then secured all the pieces together. All of this has been done in preparation for the cement that should be delivered to the school on Monday.

The team of volunteers finished this work in time to fit in a visit to Mt. St. Henry's Secondary School. The team had a chance to visit with some of the students that graduated from Humble School and now attend St. Henry's. Some of the students that graduate from Humble do not get an opportunity to continue their education, so it was good to see some Humble School Students at Mt. St. Henry's Secondary School.

Education for children in Africa is not a requirement, so many children don't get an opportunity to attend school. Education seems to be considered a luxury in Africa and many families cannot afford to send children to school. Most of the children at Humble School get to have their education because of the generosity of others. This generosity even extends beyond providing a child primary education, because most children then teach others in their family and community the things they learn from school. It is sad to see children with great potential get denied secondary education, especially when there is such a high return on providing education for a single child.

The internet and electrical power are not available all the time, but we will continue to share photos and messages when possible (we take so much for granted at home). We plan to to attend church and do a little sightseeing n Jinja tomorrow.

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