Sunday, July 17, 2011

People at Local Airport Defy the Laws of Physics

rose photo by eelssej_ on flickr 390295937

Relationships Matter

Ordinary People Defy Laws of Physics

Children, Women, and Men seemed to defy the laws of physics during reunions filled with tearful smiles of joy. While waiting at the International Gate at Dulles Airport, I was astonished at how people seemed to defy gravity as they leaped into each others arms. Many magical moments transformed the average person into an athlete with world class gymnastic skills . Everyone witnessed a little girl break free from her mother's grip and fly through the air into her father's arms. Couples reunited in a beautiful silence that the crowd could not miss hearing. The International Gate at the local airport is an amazing place. Anyone feeling cynical about life should spend a few minutes near the international gate of their local airport.

"Relationships Matter" was defined a thousand times in each of these moments.

Relationships are the core value of the Crossroads UMC Mission Team. Establishing relationships with others is the key to helping the team understand what needs done and the collaborative efforts of everyone is what makes real change possible. Purposeful interaction gives people the opportunity to learn about each other and each others' culture. These type of activities provide the building blocks for creating more than dormitories or school rooms.

Thank You
Thank you to all the children, sisters, brothers, moms, dads, friends, communities, and organizations for making these type of mission opportunities possible.

What's Next?
The children of Humble School in Uganda Africa have written a ton of letters and some desire to have pen pals. Contact Dave Norman at Crossroads United Methodist Church, if you are interested in the Pen Pal opportunity. He can be reached at (703) 477-7427 or for additional information.

People in Brambleton, Virginia U.S. area have joined others from Ashburn, VA, Loudoun County, Virginia, and the Washington DC area to prepare for the next Humble School Family Day 10k walk/race.

We also have an endless collection of stories, photos, and video to process and share.

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