Monday, July 4, 2011

Children in Africa Ask, "Do They Remember Me?"

Church Service Connects Africa & United States

Mission Team Uses Live Video to Share Stories

The volunteers of the Mission Team currently supporting Humble School Mukono Uganda Africa attended church service in Jinja today.  Then the team used Skype to share stories about their experience of the mission trip in Africa with the community of Ashburn, Virgnia USA attending the Sunday service at Crossroads UMC.  The main message they shared was how the children they have met ask, "Do they remember me?".  Some of these children have visited the United States with the "Hope for Africa" Childrens' Choir.  Many of the children have "Pen Pals" & Sponsors in the United States.  The children are very relationship focused and don't understand what happens when people forget to write letters back to them.  Many people from the Ashburn, Virginia community wrote letters to most of these children a few weeks ago and kids have committed to being pen pals.  Contact Crossroads United Methodist Church, if you are interested in connecting with or supporting these children in Africa. 

The Skype Live Video from Africa in Sunday's church service in Virginia was impressive.  It was good to see the smiles of our mission team volunteers.  It was pretty amazing to have a conversation with them while they are half way across the world.  You can learn more about Skype and how to use it to connect with others in this previous article, "Talk face-to-face with live video for Free".

Do They Remember Me?
Live video stream connecting USA and Africa

Church Service in Jinja
Mission Team Uganda Africa 2011
To God Be The Glory

Remembering the Children
A Photo Wall of Humble School Africa
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